Serving the Greater Philadelphia/New Jersey Areas

What We Offer

Real Estate

Boost any type of property's online value with High Definition images taken from a unique perspective only capable with a drone.


Before and After images and videos of any type of construction site to help display progress made.

Home Inspections

Be able to easily examine any roof or siding without the hassle of a ladder.

Quick and Easy

There is no need to be present during any kind of flight. Simply describe the mission and we'll do the work.


Effortlessly detail any residential or commercial lot with fully edited photos from any angle.


Up to 4k/30 FPS video for any kind of mission from above.

About JP Drones

JP Drones is a fully licensed and insured drone photography business located in Bucks County, PA. Our reach includes most of eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We are committed to delivering excellent customer service throughout the process. While our focus is real estate, we offer a wide range of services. No matter the mission, we will strive to provide a high quality product as safely and as efficiently as possible.

We utilize high end equipment to capture stunning HD images and 4K video. Customers will be given the option of either raw images/footage, or edited in-house using professional Adobe products. 

About Me

My name is Jack Pucillo. I am both a professional manned and unmanned pilot with countless flight hours. My aviation expertise has enabled me to create and operate JP Drones. My main goal is to bring you quality and affordable services from a point of view not possible from the ground.




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